Stop Using string.ToLowerInvariant() to Compare Strings. InvariantCulture Comparisons are Slow

A lot of people use ToLower() or ToLowerInvariant() to normalise their strings before comparing them with ==, STOP IT.

This is very slow, and while that may not matter for 1 or 2 string comparasons, it mounts up in large projects.

While there is a very small use case for using Invariant Culture, unless you are absolutely certain that you need it, and why you need it, then you do not need it.

Respecting the Clock: Unveiling the Time-Wasting Pitfalls in Professional Software Development

In software development, where time is very expensive and efficiency is paramount, it’s crucial to recognize and address common practices that can lead to unnecessary time wastage. This article aims to shed light on the professional nature of software developers, emphasizing the need for respectful and time-efficient communication within established software companies.

Why are Women so Underrepresented in Software Development?

I have to preface this with “I am a man, not a woman, this is an opinion based on what I have seen in 20+ years of working as a software developer in many different companies”.

With that, software development has a noticeable gender gap, with women underrepresented in comparison to their male counterparts. This disparity is a multifaceted issue with roots in societal, educational, and workplace factors. In this article, we’ll explore the various reasons behind the underrepresentation of women in programming jobs and discuss potential solutions to bridge this gap.

Whats New in ML.NET 3.0

ML.NET is an open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET developers, offering exciting capabilities in deep learning, data processing, and more. Given that Microsoft recently announced ML.NET 3.0, let’s take a closer look at what ML.NET 3.0 has in store.

Mastering Backend Development in C#: 5 Essential Skills

Backend development in C# involves more than just writing code. To become a proficient backend developer, one must master a combination of programming language fundamentals and specific tools and frameworks. In this article, we’ll explore five essential skills that every backend C# developer should have, and we’ll delve into why each skill is crucial for success.

.NET Chiseled Containers: A Revolution in Deployment Efficiency

In a groundbreaking announcement, Canonical and Microsoft have declared the general availability of “.NET Chiseled Ubuntu container images” for production use with .NET 6, 7, and 8. This release is the culmination of a year-long partnership and design collaboration between the two tech giants, aimed at optimizing containerized applications for size, security, and efficiency.

Asynchronous Programming in C#: A Practical Guide

As applications grow in complexity, the need for responsive and efficient code becomes paramount. Asynchronous programming in C# offers a powerful solution to handling time-consuming operations without blocking the main thread. This practical guide aims to demystify asynchronous programming in C#, providing a comprehensive overview and practical examples to help you harness the benefits of asynchronous operations.

C# Design Patterns: A Practical Guide

Design patterns offer reusable solutions to common problems in software design, providing a framework for creating flexible and maintainable code. In C#, understanding and implementing design patterns can significantly enhance the structure and efficiency of your applications. This practical guide will explore key design patterns in C#, providing real-world examples to illustrate their application.

Exploring What's New in C# 12

C# 12 has arrived, bringing a plethora of features aimed at enhancing developer productivity, simplifying code, and boosting application performance. Let’s delve into the key improvements introduced in this latest version.

Optimizing SQL Queries in Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core (EF Core) is a powerful and widely used Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework for .NET applications. While EF Core simplifies database interactions, it’s essential to optimize SQL queries generated by EF Core to ensure efficient database performance. In this article, we’ll explore various strategies and techniques for optimizing SQL queries in Entity Framework Core, backed by examples and explanations.