Native pico-sdk ILI9341/ILI9342 display drivere library for Raspberry Pi Pico in C++

The ILI9341/ILI9342 works as display driver for a TFT display, and is available as either a standalone IC, or as a breakout board and is usually conntected up via SPI. I have added a ILI9341 raspberry pi pico library as part of my group of libraries at the pico-libs repository on github.

The library is easy to use and is easily includable in your project via cmake, and libraries are added in, in the same way that you add in the individual libraries from the pico-sdk its self.

You will first need to check out the pico-libs repository, and then copy external/pico_libs_import.cmake from the repository to the root of your firmware application.

You can add the library from the pico-lib’s adding ili934x onto the end of your target_link_libraries in cmake:

target_link_libraries([your executable] pico_stdlib ili934x)

You can then include “ili934x.h” and use the following methods from the ili934x class.

All in native C++ with the pico-sdk.

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