Yes You Can Block Elon Musk on Twitter

After being told by somebody on discord that it “is impossible to block elon musk on twitter”, when in fact, it is quite simple. I decided to make this post and this video to show just how simple it is.

New and Interesting Features in C# 12

C# 12 introduces several features aimed at laying the foundation for future performance enhancements. These features include easy access to inline arrays, an experimental feature called interceptors, and enhancements to the nameof keyword.

Creating Windows and Linux background services in dotnet 6.0/7.0

There are times when you need an application to just sit there in the background and deal with the same repetitive task over and over again.

In dotnet core 3.0, a new type of template was introduced, “Worker Service”, which is a very easy way of creating Windows Services and Linux Daemons, and it is just as easy in dotnet 6 and 7 (if not, even easier).

C# Basics: Generate Random Numbers

Random numbers play a crucial role in various applications, from gaming to cryptography. In C#, generating random numbers is made easy with the help of the built-in Random class. In this article, we will explore different methods of generating random numbers in C# and discuss their applications.

Native pico-sdk BMP280 temperature sensor and air pressure sensor library for Raspberry Pi Pico in C++

The BMP280 works as an ambient temperature sensor and air pressure sensor, and is available as either a standalone IC, or as a breakout board and is usually conntected up via I2C (IIC, ICC or I2C, depending on your preference). I have written a bmp280 raspberry pi pico library as part of a group of libraries over at the pico-libs repository on github.

C# Basics - Deep Copy Object Tree

Object deep copy is a process of creating a new object instance that is an exact copy of another object. This process includes creating a new object with all the same properties and values as the original object. Object deep copy is usually used to avoid creating unwanted references between objects, or to create a separate object instance that can be modified without affecting the original object.