Observe/React to Array Changes with Angular 12

In angular 12, it is very simple to have the HTML of your component react to changes in the value of a single variable (or multiple variables). Although it is not that simple when you want to have your components HTML react to push/pop changes.

uTP Micro Transport Protocol Documented

While updating my bittorrent library, I found that the uTP (Micro Transport Protocol) documentation is quite lacking, unless you already know how the protocol works, so here is my attempt to expand on the documentation that already exists in an effort to provide more information on implementing uTP.

Information from BEP 29, bittorrent/libutp at github and from reverse engineering based on Wireshark UDP dumps.

C# Console Async Main - Async Entry Point for Console Apps

As of C# 7.1, it is possible with console apps, to have async all the way to the entry point. The previous constraints of the entry point have been the same all the way up to this point, and similar to the entry point in C/C++ apps. The C# entry point method must be static, the name of the method must be Main, the return type must be either void or int and finally, the method can accept zero arguments, or exactly one argument of string[], which contains the command arguments.

Problems With Copying a Stack<T> in C# and How to Fix It

In C# and in .NET in general, there is a generic stack class which accepts a single type parameter. The stack class is a FILO (first in last out) collection, and can be liked to stacking plates, you cannot remove the bottom plate, without first removing all the plates above it. The problem with the Stack<T> class is that it has an IEnumerable<T> constructor…

Simple C++ Neural Network Library

The C++ library (source on github) is designed to be a core neural network library, implementing basic neurons, layers and networks and comes with some basic learning methods too. The library is complete enough for those who want to learn and understand neural networks and how they are put together, but by no means is intended to be a complete AI library.