Native pico-sdk BMP280 temperature sensor and air pressure sensor library for Raspberry Pi Pico in C++

The BMP280 works as an ambient temperature sensor and air pressure sensor, and is available as either a standalone IC, or as a breakout board and is usually conntected up via I2C (IIC, ICC or I2C, depending on your preference). I have written a bmp280 raspberry pi pico library as part of a group of libraries over at the pico-libs repository on github.

C# Basics - Deep Copy Object Tree

Object deep copy is a process of creating a new object instance that is an exact copy of another object. This process includes creating a new object with all the same properties and values as the original object. Object deep copy is usually used to avoid creating unwanted references between objects, or to create a separate object instance that can be modified without affecting the original object.

C# Basics: Loop Through a Dictionary

Dictionaries are essential data structures in C# that allow you to store key-value pairs. Looping through dictionaries enables you to iterate over each key-value pair and perform operations on them. In this article, we will explore different methods of looping through dictionaries in C# and discuss their applications.

Why You Should Use Oauth OAuth 2.0 Tokens

An OAuth 2.0 access token is usually a base64 encoded string that the client uses when making requests to the server, and can hides the user’s identity and other personal information from the client app/website and anybody listening in on the line.

Observe/React to Array Changes with Angular 12

In angular 12, it is very simple to have the HTML of your component react to changes in the value of a single variable (or multiple variables). Although it is not that simple when you want to have your components HTML react to push/pop changes.

uTP Micro Transport Protocol Documented

While updating my bittorrent library, I found that the uTP (Micro Transport Protocol) documentation is quite lacking, unless you already know how the protocol works, so here is my attempt to expand on the documentation that already exists in an effort to provide more information on implementing uTP.

Information from BEP 29, bittorrent/libutp at github and from reverse engineering based on Wireshark UDP dumps.