Problems With Copying a Stack<T> in C# and How to Fix It

In C# and in .NET in general, there is a generic stack class which accepts a single type parameter. The stack class is a FILO (first in last out) collection, and can be liked to stacking plates, you cannot remove the bottom plate, without first removing all the plates above it. The problem with the Stack<T> class is that it has an IEnumerable<T> constructor…

Simple C++ Neural Network Library

The C++ library (source on github) is designed to be a core neural network library, implementing basic neurons, layers and networks and comes with some basic learning methods too. The library is complete enough for those who want to learn and understand neural networks and how they are put together, but by no means is intended to be a complete AI library.

Adding appsettings.json options to a dotnet core console application

Something that annoyingly does not come as standard in the dotnet core console application template, and, it is not documented anywhere with Microsoft is: appsettings.json. This comes as standard with ASP.NET Core applications, but no other applications, and the thing is, it is very simple to add to any dotnet core application.

Microservices Introduction

Everybody has heard of the term “microservice”, but not many people know what they are, how they work, or how to implement one. Many people think they are a complex system that needs a lot of complex setup and management. In fact, they are a very easy way to remove heavy lifting from your web frontend to a more appropriate place.

Who should we blame?

Something that we all know is that there is a blame culture in business. Something that not many people know is that we don’t need a blame culture in business.