Microservices Introduction

Everybody has heard of the term “microservice”, but not many people know what they are, how they work, or how to implement one. Many people think they are a complex system that needs a lot of complex setup and management. In fact, they are a very easy way to remove heavy lifting from your web frontend to a more appropriate place.

Who should we blame?

Something that we all know is that there is a blame culture in business. Something that not many people know is that we don’t need a blame culture in business.

Easy (and complex) Search and Replace in Linux Command Line

I wanted to search and replace every file in a directory tree and find a URL that linked to /web-design and remove that part of the URL, and i also wanted to find the phrase “Web Design” in a link and replace it with “Affordable Web Design”.

Usually i would have to go through each individual file via SSH or FTP and then open the file, make the edits, save the file and re-upload the file. The problem with that is, i needed to do this for over 15,000 files on over 3000 web sites, and that isn’t something i wanted to do.