PirateSoftware is a Hypocrite - Helldivers 2 and Security

PirateSoftware on Twitch took a stand against kernel-level anti-cheat in Helldivers 2 but found a workaround by buying a multi-thousand dollar second PC and plays it on there as a way of pretending they have “worked around” the kernel-level anti-cheat requirement. They are now pretending that the PSN account requirement for Helldivers, which was a requirement from the start (but not enforced), is a step too far because of “security”.

He tried to justify the second PC by being “a security specialist” and “I didn’t invite it onto my system”, but the problem is, by buying the game and installing it, and playing the game, you are inviting it onto your system. His stance against the game would have led many to not play it, or many to also attempt to buy second systems they didn’t need.

He played the game for many hours on stream, gaining quite a lot of ad revenue and bit/subscriber revenue because of the game and its hype. All the time, continuing his fake protest against kernel-level anti-cheat.

Today, Sony announced that the PSN account requirement would start to be enforced. The same PSN account requirement was required from the start but was not enforced due to technical issues at Sony. Sony stated that the requirement would be enforced in the future.

PirateSoftware played anyway because it benefited them to play Helldivers on stream. Now that benefit has expired, because the hype has worn out, his morals have snapped back and PirateSoftware is now taking a stand against the game.

PirateSoftware should either have taken a stand from the start and not played the game at all, or admit that they are doing what is best for themselves and their stream since being honest with the community is the best course of action.

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