What is the difference betwen Promises and Observables in angular?

In Angular, Promises and Observables are both used for handling asynchronous operations, but they have some key differences in how they work and what they offer. Here are the main distinctions between the two:


  .then(result => {
    // Do something with the result
  .catch(error => {
    // Handle errors


    value => {
      // Do something with each emitted value
    error => {
      // Handle errors
    () => {
      // Handle completion (optional)

When to Use Which

In Angular, HTTP requests using the HttpClient return Observables by default, which allows you to leverage the full power of Observables for handling the asynchronous nature of HTTP requests.

In summary, if you’re dealing with a single asynchronous operation, a Promise might be sufficient. However, if you’re working with streams of data, events, or need more control over cancellation, Observables are the way to

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