Why is AI Such a Polarising Subject? Does it Change Everything? Or Nothing?

AI seems to be a very polarising subject. On the whole, most people seem to be in one of two camps: “AI IS THE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING!" or “AI IS TERRIBLE AT EVERYTHING! IT’S NOT INTELLIGENT AT ALL” (caps intended).

The polarisation around AI stems from multiple factors, including misunderstandings, exaggerated expectations, fear of the unknown, and legitimate concerns about the implications of AI on society.

In reality, AI is neither the savior of humanity nor its downfall. It’s a tool, like a hammer or like any other technology, with the potential for both positive and negative impacts depending on how it’s developed and used. And like a hammer, not every problem is a nail, and not every problem requires AI, and problems that are nails, may or may not require the AI hammer. Acknowledging and accepting this is crucial for having productive discussions about AI and its role in our future.

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